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Learn about important issues and topics, from managing your workers compensation to creating a return-to-work program.

  • Workers Compensation Benefits - Information for the Injured Worker

  • CopperPoint Subrogation

  • PCN and You - Policyholders

  • Weighing In

  • Your Payroll - Reporting Guidelines

  • How to Prepare for Your Annual Audit

  • Return-to -Work Program Saves Money, Improves Morale

  • Workers Compensation Insurance Fraud It’s Real

  • Reporting a Workplace Injury - Timely filing helps lower claims costs

  • Workers Compensation Insurance What it is – and why you may need it

  • You & Your E-Mod - Understanding the Rate-Making Process

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Arizona Medical Marijuana Act

  • CopperPoint Claims Management

  • CopperPoint Mutual Insurance & You

  • Association Safety Program - A Rewarding Partnership

  • 13 Steps to Lowering Your Workers Comp