Workplace Safety Tips & Education

Thanks to everyone, guests, vendors, venue personnel and CopperPoint employees, who made Safety Works in Tucson and Phoenix a success. We appreciate your efforts to learn about industry best standards when it comes to workplace safety, HR issues and business advocacy.

Safety Works Expo PowerPoint presentations are available here.

Safety Classes

CopperPoint offers links to selected resources for workplace safety classes and seminars; seating is limited, so register early. For a quarterly list of safety classes, please see the Education and Training Calendar in the current issue of ADOSH Advocate.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers courses on specific safety topics. For a list of classes scheduled to be held locally, see the University of California San Diego Extension web page.

You also can find articles on workplace safety and training, HR and labor law issues, wellness program and workers compensation insurance information at CopperPoint's blog, or subscribe free to our blog enewsletters.

Web Resources

General questions?

Call the Workplace Safety Seminar Hotline, 602.631.2810.