How do I cancel a claim? [Policyholder Help Article]


Notice: To cancel a claims that have been fully submitted, contact the assigned Adjuster. 

View claims for CopperPoint and PacificComp policyholders in the CopperPoint Policyholder Portal. For additional instructions, see below.

View submitted claims for Alaska National policyholders in the Alaska National Policyholder PortalFor additional instructions, see below.

If you have questions, call us at 800.231-1363, or click here to submit a Help Request.


CopperPoint Policyholder Portal Directions

  1. Login to the CopperPoint Policyholder Portal to cancel a claim.
  2. Visit and click LOGIN.
  3. Under Policyholder Login, select CopperPoint.
  • During the process of submitting a claim, if you click the cancel button your claim will be created as a draft.
  • The claim is not submitted until you complete all required fields and click submit. If you wish to cancel while it is in draft form, simply leave as a draft and do not submit. Draft claims with a ‘T’ (temporary) claim number are not reported and will disappear from view in 15 days.

Watch Our Policyholder Knowledge Guide Video:
Claims Management

Alaska National Policyholder Directions

For questions on a submitted claim, contact the assigned Adjuster, call us at 800.231.1363 or click here to submit a Help Request.

For additional support, contact us at 800.231.1363 or submit a Help Request.