How can I pull a Loss Run report? [Policyholder Help Article]


Notice: CopperPoint and PacificComp policyholders, pull loss run reports from the CopperPoint Policyholder Portal.

Alaska National policyholders, pull loss run reports from the Alaska National Policyholder Portal.

If you have questions, contact your Portal Account Administrator or click here to submit a Help Request.

CopperPoint Policyholder Portal Directions

  1. Login to the CopperPoint Policyholder Portal to cancel automatic payments.
  2. Visit and click LOGIN.
  3. Under Policyholder Login, select CopperPoint.
  4. From the Claims tab, select the Download Loss Run button.
  5. A report of five years' history in PDF format will be generated for download. This report will provide a historical snapshot of your organization’s loss performance, as well as summarized claim information for each year.

Watch Our Policyholder Knowledge Guide Video: Claims Management

Alaska National Policyholder Portal Directions

For additional support, contact us at 800.231.1363 or submit a Help Request.