How can I view a claim online? [Agent/Broker Help Article]


Notice: View claims for CopperPoint and PacificComp policyholders in the CopperPoint Agent/Broker Portal.

View claims for Alaska National policyholders in the Alaska National Agent/Broker Portal.

If you have questions, contact your Portal Account Administrator, call us at 800.231-1363, or click here to submit a Help Request.

CopperPoint Agent/Broker Portal Directions

  1. Login to the CopperPoint Agent/Broker Portal.
  2. Use the Claims tile to load all claims for your accessible producer codes. Note: As this will load all claims, there may be a delay as the data load.
  3. To find claims for a specific policy quickly, first search for and click on the policy number.
  4. The green Claims tile will present all open claims, and you may use the dropdown filters to select closed claims for the last five policy terms as well.

Alaska National Agent/Broker Portal Directions

  1. Login to the Alaska National Agent/Broker Portal.
  2. The accessible information available to you about the policyholder may vary based on your account permissions.  
  3. To view Claims details, log in to the portal, search by account name or policy number and select the account card of the desired policy.
  4. Click “View Claims Information” tile to review all claims. 

For additional support, contact us at 800.231.1363 or submit a Help Request.