Is my account subject to fees?

If you have questions or are unsure if you have Portal Billing permissions, contact your Account Administrator or click here to submit a Help Request.

The following fee structure may be applicable to your account:

  • Installment Fee: $5 per invoice. No charge if an account is enrolled in automatic payments or if premiums are paid in full prior to installment invoicing.
  • Reporting Fee: $7 per payroll report. No charge if a report is submitted online.
  • Payment Reversal Fee (non-sufficient funds): $20 per payment reversed, check or ACH/EFT.
  • Reinstatement Fee: $50 per occurrence.
  • Late Fee: 1.5% of the past due balance or $10, whichever is greater. No charge will be assessed if past due balance is less than $50. If the past due balance is associated with CA policies, late fee is a flat fee of $25 per invoice.
  • Payment Plan Promissory Note Fee: $8 per installment.

For additional support, contact us at 800.231.1363 or submit a Help Request.