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At the heart of
everything we do is a person.

Our Story

At the heart of everything we do is a person. A human being with hopes, dreams, challenges, goals. A worker, an employer, a partner, a colleague, a neighbor.

And we’re the ones they trust to help make their lives safer, stronger, more fulfilling.

It’s why we’re driven to do more and be more to those we serve. Because every moment of every day is a chance to change what insurance really means to people.

We say no to no. We inspire each other to find new ways to say yes: to write the policy, pay the claim, solve the issue.

We believe “good enough” is never enough. We direct all our rigor and resources toward shaping better answers and paths, to do what’s right—not just what’s required.

We reject “take it or leave it.” We know mutual success only comes from a true collaboration of different ideas and diverse experiences, not an our-way-only approach.

We look beyond the short term. We’re in it for the long run, committed to taking the long view with everyone whose life we touch.

That’s what we’re all building. A place where the power of a balance sheet is only as potent as the hearts of the people it empowers to do and be better. For every person, business and community that counts on us.

We’re CopperPoint.