Frequently Asked Questions for Arizona Customers

We’re here to help. For any questions about CopperPoint, your policy, or other insurance inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Center, 602.631.2300, or 1.800.231.1363 or email us at


Why is CopperPoint starting to charge fees?

We have implemented many new changes to provide flexibility and responsibility when it comes to policy management and service. Major changes include requiring a first payment when policies are issued, revising payment options and implementing fees to cover administrative costs where applicable.

How can I avoid an installment fee?

You can avoid an installment fee if the premium is paid in full, prior to installment invoicing, or if your account is enrolled in automatic payments.

How can I avoid a reporting fee?

There is no fee if the report is submitted online.

When do I get charged a late fee?

The late fee is assessed monthly, based on the account invoice date.

Why is my late fee so much?

The fee is proportionate to the total amount due and the length of time it is delinquent.

How can I get fee waived?

If you want to avoid the installment fee, you can do so by paying your premium in full, prior to installment invoicing or by enrolling your account on automatic payments. Reporting fees can be avoided by reporting online. Late fees can be avoided by paying amounts billed in full by the due date on the invoice.

Why are you asking for the first payment in advance?

First payment is to ensure that we collect premium at the time we assume the risk. Your premium will be reconciled through audit at the end of the policy term.

Why do I only have 10 days to pay my first payment?

The first payment is to ensure that we have collected premium at the time we are taking on the risk.

I used to have 30 days to pay, now I only have 25, why?

This is a change we made in our processing cycle to streamline the account billing and collection process.

Your invoice says I can sign up for automatic payments, how do I do that?

  • We’ll be offering automatic payments via ACH/EFT effective with your 2019 policy renewal.
  • To enroll, you can call 602.631.2300 for assistance.
  • CopperPoint will provide you an authorization form to complete the enrollment process.

Why are you increasing my first payment?

First payment is to ensure that we collect premium at the time we are taking on the risk.

Why do I only have 20 days to report, instead of 30?

This is a change we made in our processing cycle to streamline the account billing and collection process.

I am missing my last payroll report; can you resend it? Why did you stop asking for the last report?

We no longer require you to complete your last payroll report. To make it easier to do business with CopperPoint, we are reducing the amount of paperwork that must be completed. Your final premium will be reconciled through the audit at the end of your policy term.

Customer Portal

Why do I have to register?

Your registration ensures that you are getting secureaccess to your policy and claims information. In our new portal, we have enhanced our claims system for better claims management.


How do I register my account?

To register, you will need your CopperPoint 7-digit policy number, CopperPoint 10-digit account number, Tax ID (FEIN or SSN) and business email.

What if I forget my password?

Select the login button, then “Forgot Password.” Provide the registered email address, and a link will be emailed to that address to change the password.

What if I’m locked out?

Please use the “Forgot Password” feature on the login screen.


Why did you change the timing of the audit?

We are working to make audits fall as close to policy expiration dates as possible to close out that term.

I don’t understand why you are asking me for all this information for my audit?

We require accurate and current information to evaluate your policy and adjust charges accordingly.


Why are you expanding into other states?

To better serve our agents and policy holders we are working on expanding our territory footprint to meet your needs. We are committed to serving the communities we dobusiness in. We pride ourselves on our community presence.

What other changes is CopperPoint going to make?

We continuously evaluate our business and will always be mindful of the market and your input as we look to make any additional changes.


If I am filing a claim and see the “Possible duplicate claims found” warning message, what should I do?

To prevent filing duplicate claims you should review the list of existing claims and drafts. If you see the same claim as a draft, you have the option to click on the claim number (drafts begin with “T”) to continue the existing draft rather than filing a new claim.

Each time you file a new claim, the system performs a check for other submitted claims filed on the same policy with a loss date/time within 72 hours of (before or after) the claim you are filing.

If you are certain the claim has not been filed previously, you should continue submitting it. If you are uncertain, you should exit the claim to check the list by either clicking the Home button or the Cancel button.

When asked if you want to cancel, choose yes and you will return to the claim list view where you can check the claims that have been submitted.

Note: The system only checks submitted (not draft) claims, so if you received the warning message it is only detecting submitted claims that are similar. Also, note the system is not checking for claimant name or any other similarities, so you will receive the warning when you have other claims within the same time frame that may not be duplicates.

How do I cancel a claim through the online services?

When submitting a claim, if you click the cancel button your claim will be created as a draft. The claim is not submitted until you complete all required fields and click “submit.” If you wish to cancel while it’s in draft form, simply leave it as a draft and do not submit it Once submitted, you will need to contact the assigned claims representative to cancel.

How do I report a claim when time lost is unknown?

Respond to “Lost time from work?” with a “Yes” answer and select the most likely of the three options (Working - No Restrictions, Off Work, or Restricted Work). In the comments/ description area begin with “Time lost is unknown” before providing the additional details.

If a new claim is started but I am unable to finish it, can it be saved and retrieved later?

Yes. If you click “Cancel” in the bottom left-hand corner, the system automatically saves it as a draft claim. Depending on where you are within the claim submittal screens, the system may save only partial information. Once you come back to the system the claims listed with a “T” at the beginning of the number are the draft claims that you can resume to complete.

I only see open claims; how do I view closed claims?

By default, the system shows open claims. At the bottom of the filter button, you have the option to click “Include Closed Claims” to view your closed claims.

What types of documents should I upload as supporting information?

Relevant documents could include wage statements, photos, police reports, and other information that would help the adjuster understand details of the claim.

I have a document the system will not accept?

The system will only accept documents in the following formats: PDF, JPG, WAV, BMP, and PNG. If you have another type of document, you will need to convert it to one of these formats.

Where can I find the loss history report for my company?

At the top of your claims listing, click the link for Loss Run Information. This report will download as a PDF.

Can I use my same username/password for both system and claims logon?

Perhaps. You may use the same email address for both systems (username). Your password can be the same, provided it meets security criteria for both systems.

Why doesn’t my current password work for the new (claims) system?

The claims system requires more sophisticated security protocol. Passwords must be at least eight characters long; contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter; contain at least one digit (0-9); and contain at least one special character (!@#$% etc.).

What is the “expedited” claim reporting service?

If you first complete the Employer’s First Report of Injury, you may upload the document to the online system. The information will be captured by the system, streamlining the input required to initiate a notice of loss.

Medical Provider

Form 102

If you are a medical provider, please complete the Form 102 and have the injured worker sign it. The completed and signed document should be mailed within eight days of initial treatment. Be sure to fill out the form completely, especially item 14, the first date of treatment, and item 29, work status.

Form 102 can be downloaded here or to request Form 102 via mail, send a request by fax to:

Special Services Industrial
Commission of Arizona
Fax number: 602.542.3104

Please include your physical address, not a Post Office Box number. Medical providers also may request Form 102 at no cost. Please include the number of forms needed (the forms come in packs of 50).

The mailing address for medical bills is scheduled to change, effective October 1, 2018. To expedite review and payment of medical bills, beginning October 1, 2018, please send all CopperPoint medical bills and supporting medical reports directly to:

Mail Stop: WCS 135801
PO Box 2979
Clinton, IA 52733-2979

Please continue to send all other documents, including the Worker’s and Physician Report (Form 102) and the Employer’s First Notice of Loss (Form 101) directly to CopperPoint.

Please direct all CopperPoint billing questions and inquiries to our medical review partner Mitchell International at 855-942-1118.