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Preparing for Emergencies: What’s Your Plan?

Preparing for Emergencies: What’s Your Plan?

Keeping your employees safe and your business running in an emergency requires a thoughtful plan. Employers may want to take time to prepare for incidents that put their businesses at risk, because in the heat of an emergency, a company – small or large – may not know how to properly handle and address an incident without a game plan. 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cautions that without a preparedness plan, employers may be putting their businesses and their employees at even a greater risk. Preparing is easy once a company sets aside the time and personnel it needs to create a plan.
Here are tips from DHS:

  • Decide on how to evacuate the building – If an emergency knocks out your company’s elevators, your employees must know where the emergency exits are located. This means finding the exits and forming a plan. Try to have various groups of employees leave using different doors, so as not to crowd one stairwell or corridor. Responsible workers will be required to act as leaders. These designated safety people should know the team they are responsible for as they lead everyone to safety.
  • Have a shelter – The shelter for employees shouldn’t be near your building, in case it is dangerous there. Think of a nearby site where everyone goes, and plan to meet outside it.
  • Think of how the emergency will impact your business and prepare your staff – DHS recommends preparing a business impact analysis (BIA). You should think about how safe your building is from fires or explosions. Consider every possible disaster, and imagine how your company would respond to such a situation. In the case of a fire, does your building meet fire codes? Do your employees know how to use fire extinguishers? Can anyone perform first aid? Show them safety videos that include emergency preparedness. Training your staff will help everyone feel safer and more secure.

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