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Workers’ Compensation - Report A Claim

You can count on responsive service from our claims professionals. When reporting a claim for a workplace injury, it’s important to know that forms, reporting deadlines and workers’ compensation insurance statutes differ by state.


For help identifying your insurance company, please contact us at 800.231.1363.

The Right Care When You Need It

The moments just after a workplace incident are critical. Reporting a claim quickly ensures prompt, appropriate care for injured workers.

Claims Management

CopperPoint is recognized for quality customer care and stellar claims management. We stress open communications among all parties involved in an injury claim: the injured worker, the medical provider and CopperPoint’s claim representative. 

Why You Should Report a Claim Quickly

  • Reporting Delays
    Delays of 7 days or more can cause up to 40% higher claims costs according to medical costs studies.

  • Delays Returning Employees to Work
    Not reporting claims timely can impact the ability to effectively manage medical treatment, delaying an employee’s return to work.

  • A Higher Probability of Litigation
    Delays of 14 days or more can increase the chances of litigation by 10-45%.

Service Excellence

Service Team

Experienced claims adjusters work with policyholders to provide a full suite of claims services.

Our specialized claims expertise includes:
  • Emphasis on communication with all parties
  • Early intervention and establishment of treatment plans
  • Focus on return to work with modified, alternate or transitional duty
  • Workers’ compensation focused attorneys and litigation experts who drive the best possible claims outcomes
  • Access to nurse case managers who manage medical expenses and identify opportunities for timely claims closures
  • Zero tolerance for fraud
Pharmacy First Fill

The employee's first prescriptions are written by authorized workers’ compensation physicians for medications related to a workplace injury. A pharmacy first fill card is available to expedite care and ensure there are no out-of-pocket expenses.

Return to Work Programs

Returning employees to work is a key component for your claims as well as for your business. We work with you and your agent/broker to develop early return to work plans that accommodate the employee’s health status and recovery in a caring, responsive manner.