Workers Compensation Insurance

CopperPoint Insurance Companies provides employers peace of mind when a worker is injured.

As Arizona's premier provider of workers compensation insurance, CopperPoint can be a "backstop" to protect your business should an injury take place, and we ensure the injured worker receives prompt medical attention and benefits.

Since 1925, we've offered workers compensation expertise and insurance at affordable rates. We provide tools and resources policyholders can use to help create a culture of workplace safety to prevent injuries and save lives.

Safe businesses save money - and can save lives. Let us show you how.

Arizona law generally requires all public and private employers that have one or more employees to carry workers compensation insurance. All Arizona workers compensation insurance carriers are required to belong to a national rating organization. The rating organization in Arizona is the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). The Arizona Department of Insurance regulates and approves rates for all Arizona insurance carriers, based on NCCI recommendations.

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Workers Compensation Insurance: What it is ꟷ and why you may need it.