Find a Workers' Compensation Healthcare Provider

Welcome to CopperPoint Insurance Companies workers' compensation preferred network directory, where you will find hospitals, occupational medical clinics, urgent care facilities, physicians, and orthopedic providers.

We encourage you to select a workers' compensation healthcare provider, as Arizona law gives the employer the right to direct the injured worker for an initial medical evaluation. Selecting a medical provider and posting the contact information near your business phone, the required Arizona Workers' Compensation Law poster, and the Supervisor's Report of Injury pad, could save time in an emergency.

Emergent Treatment:

  • Any Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona* Hospital/Emergency Room

Occupational or Urgent Care Visit:

  • Concentra Occupational
  • MBI Industrial Medicine
  • Next Care Urgent Care
  • Any urgent care/occupational medicine clinic of your choice

Orthopedic Treatment:

*CopperPoint contracts with BCBSAZ to provide policyholders with access to the BCBSAZ network, only available in Arizona. CopperPoint is not affiliated with BCBSAZ, nor does it provide BCBSAZ products or services. BCBS provides no administrative or claims payment services and does not assume any financial risk or obligation with respect to claims.

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