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Return to Work

A return to work program is important to help employees get back to their job in a safe and timely manner.


Return to Work Faster

Returning employees to work is a key component for your claims as well as for your business. We work with you and your agent/broker to develop early return to work plans that accommodate the employee’s health status and recovery in a caring, responsive manner. 

What is a Return to Work Program? 

Return to work programs offer transitional job duties to injured workers. We integrate your program into our claims process and work closely with the injured worker, healthcare team and the employer to find the fastest way to reintroduce injured workers back to the workforce. 

Effective return to work programs help: 

  • Retain your experienced workers
  • Strengthen employee relations
  • Improve productivity and heighten morale

Need Help Developing a Return to Work Program?

Our loss control experts are here to help you develop a plan for your business. For more information about our Return to Work program, please visit the Claims Kit for Return to Work resources.

Commitment to Your Program

Our dedicated claims team works to ensure everyone involved is supportive of return to work objectives to:

  • Produce better outcomes
  • Reduce the frequency of disability claims 
  • Ensure the program is effective, manageable and relevant to the goals of your business

Return to Work 

Return to work resources can be found in your state's Claims Kit as well as our Loss Control Toolbox.